TiffThrift Affiliate Partner program

TiffThrift.com is accepting applications for our Affiliate Partner Program. An affiliate program is a type of marketing arrangement in which a business pays another business or individual a commission for sending traffic and/or sales their way. The affiliates, who join the program or network, use links, web content, social media, or product integration to promote the products or services of the business. The commission is paid according to a specific agreement, which may vary depending on the product, service, or network.

This is a powerful way to leverage your social media accounts to make additional income part- or full-time. The more you share the more opportunities you have to earn. Earn REAL CASH for bills, vacations or just put away for a rainy day.

Sign up is easy, if approved, you can start right away using the provided tools, custom links that track your earnings. As a valued member of our team, you will also receive both a personal discount code (that you can use for your own purchases) & a customer discount code to aid you with your social media marketing. Use the link to join. We look forward to working with you. Use This Link To Apply. http://tiffthrift.com