Bundle of 6 NUDIE BOOTY Scented ~ Extra Large LUXURY BATH BOMBS by Bomb Squad


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A Luxury bath bomb is a bath bomb with additional ingredients and a larger size. It  product that you toss into a full bath tub and ENJOY! Turn your tub into your own little personal spa and watch your bath bomb fizz, spin, and turn while dispensing beautiful fragrances, skin nourishing oils and AWESOME colors! Enjoy a relaxing bath with your favorite fragrances that will leave your mind feeling lighter and your skin feeling cleansed and silky smooth. Our bath fizzies are made with skin loving oils and butters perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin

Nudie Booty~Saucy and fresh and full of tropical sweetness including top notes of ripe cherries, strawberries and peaches and a base that hints of sweet vanilla.

***Our Luxury Bombs weigh in at approximately 5.4 ounces and are made with skin loving oils and butters including coconut oil and shea butter.

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